Write a diary entry in hindi

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How to write diary entry in hindi?. please give me a format Advertisement 10 votes 10 votes Rate!

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Rate! Thanks. Comments (4) Report this is the format of a letter but i asked for a diary! so sorry its ok this is the format of a letter but i asked for a diary Write letter on any topic in hindi for class 10th please help me i /5(9).

May 23,  · If you’ve tried keeping a diary every day and you just can’t keep it up, try creating a schedule so you’re writing in your diary at the same time every day. Create a theme for your diary, like a gratitude diary or a dream diary, and don’t be afraid to doodle or write creative pieces in your diary if the mood strikes%().

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Hi frnd to write diary entry in Hindi follow these instructions 1st on left side date and time next write matter and then u can complete ur diary entry.

A diary is a notebook with a separate space for each day of the year. Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol (31 March – 4 March ) was a Russian dramatist of Ukrainian origin. Although Gogol was considered by his contemporaries to be one of the preeminent figures of the natural school of Russian literary realism, later critics have found in his work a fundamentally romantic sensibility, with strains of surrealism and the grotesque ("The Nose", "Viy", "The.

Write a diary entry in hindi
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