Summer reading journal

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Summer Reading Program

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Preparing Summer Reading Journals for Your Students: Elementary to Higher Level Students

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Short Stories for Summer Reading

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Well, the content two, or the first book on your list is Leo Strauss on Careful Philosophy:. Summer Reading Goals I want to read _____books this summer. I will read _____ minutes a day. To do this I need: (check off when done) Books (do you need trips to the library, trips to the bookstore, or online shopping?) Cozy reading spot Summer Reading Journal Created Date.


Visit Barnes and Noble summer reading program to download and print a reading journal. The journals are available in English and Spanish. The journals are available in English and Spanish. Fill out the student information on the bottom of the first page of the journal.

BOOKS-A-MILLION READING ADVENTURE JOURNAL YOUR NAME HERE. BOOK TITLE AUTHOR BOOK TITLE AUTHOR BOOK TITLE AUTHOR BOOK TITLE AUTHOR How to Join the Summer Reading Program: your nearest bam store and choose four books from the Summer Quest section or from the attached list of approved books. the books and record in. 85 books for summer reading this year. From pure escapism to thoughtful brain food, a suggested list of new books for summer reading in Summer Reading Program Fostering a love of reading and its rewards, the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program is popular with students in first through sixth grades and educators throughout America.

Participation is a fun and easy way for kids to earn free books. Make summer reading journals for your children to go along with their summer reading. Ideas for writing and vocabulary exercises to help keep their minds sharp during summer vacation.

Summer reading journal
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