Resharper 10 features of academic writing

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is much more logical. I also find the C# method of having to prefix arguments with the word out confusing, particularly as you have to do it both in the called and calling routine.

9 – Strictness. C# is a much fussier language than Visual Basic (even if you turn Option Strict on in Visual Basic, this is still true).


“And a good thing, too!”, I hear you cry. How can I do this elegantly with C# /4? For example, a number can be between 1 and I know a simple if would suffice; but the keyword to this question is elegance.

Why I Have Given Up on Coding Standards

It's for my toy. Nov 03,  · Every developer knows you should have a one, exact, coding standard in your company. Every developer also knows you have to fight to get your rules into the company standard.

Every developer secretly despairs when starting a new job, afraid of the crazy coding standard some power-mad architect has dictated. this is a legal agreement. by clicking on the "i agree" (or similar) button that is presented to you at the time of your purchase, or by downloading, installing, copying, saving on your device, or otherwise using jetbrains software, support or products, you are becoming a party to this agreement, you declare you have the legal capacity to enter into such agreement, and you are consenting to be.

Resharper 10 features of academic writing
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