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Renée Zellweger as Judy Garland is uncanny

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Particulars are particularly adept at such losing and seizing. Fentanyl linked to thousands of urban overdose deaths In two dozen of the nation’s largest cities, fentanyl is becoming a major part of the national opioid crisis. Demi Lovato is "awake" and recovering, after having been hospitalised in Los Angeles following a suspected heroin overdose.

The pop star's reps issued a statement calling on privacy from fans and. Watch video · The rapper died of an apparent overdose, according to TMZ.

Demi Lovato will reportedly go to rehab after hospitalisation for drug overdose

A spokesperson for the LAPD tells ET, “There was a radio call related to a death investigation into an adult male" at Miller's San Fernando. Apr 03,  · The privately-held, Richmond, Virginia-based kaléo Pharma (formerly Intelliject) today received FDA approval for Evzio®, an automatic injector of the opioid overdose antidote, naloxone.

A recent German study claims to have documented the first known deaths resulting from marijuana use. While researchers studied 15 people whose deaths were allegedly linked to marijuana use, 13 of.

Public-health experts in the Netherlands say free distribution of heroin is one reason that drug-related deaths are far less common than in the United States. The program also has reduced crime.

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