How to write a reading log response

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Constructed Response Items: Reading Grade 6

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Constructed Response Items: Reading Grade 5

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Reading Worksheets and Printables

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Daily Reading Log #1 Printable Worksheet Use this worksheet to record information for fifteen days of reading. For each day, record the name of the book, the author, and the amount of time spent reading. Reading log: 1. Write the date and your starting page number. Copy the log (in red) below.

2. READ for 20 minutes. 3. When I say “stop,” write ending page number and copy the question below. 4. Answer the question (Response should be ½ page).

The Reader's Notebook

Reading Response Notebook Topics Outline A. Theory Start by sharing your theory about a character, story events, etc. Include details from the text that support your theory. Explain why you think your theory is accurate.

B. Character Trait Start by using a character trait to describe a character. Is this trait a negative or positive.

How to write a reading log response
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