Ffxi desynthesis skill up

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Desynthesis Guide.

Crafting Skill Ups

From Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Wiki. Jump to These are 4* ALC synths that, when used, reduce the linked Desynthesis Skill to This is a permanent and irreversible effect. Remember that you will continue to gain desynth experience on every success up until your skill is 25 levels higher than the item.

Each Disciple of the Hand class has a maximum desynthesis skill level ofwith a combined skill level across all classes of If you are at maximum skill level ( points), you will lose some skill points in one of your other classes when gaining skill points on a non-maxed class.


Not all items are subject to desynthesis, but items which are eligible to be desynthesized range across nearly all the crafting skills (beyond just weaponry and armor), with the exception of Cooking.

Skill Ups can occur while desynthesizing an item, up to the crafting level cap of the item being split, but these skill ups are rare and often. Join the world's largest MMO gaming network.

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Guide in 'Crafting & Gathering' published by Lebensohl, Apr 4, A Guide on how to make gil while leveling Desynthesis skills in FFXIV:ARR Frontlines is more about teamwork and .

Ffxi desynthesis skill up
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