A description of a specialist program in nursing that develops their skills

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How to Become a Nurse Case Manager

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Nursing, MS

Typical CNS programs give students skills in research, clinical work, and leadership. Students then focus on a specialized area of health such as pediatrics, women’s health, or oncology. Online CNS programs include a clinical practicum that gives students experience working directly with patients.

It can be easier to train nurses on the technological aspects of the job rather than teaching someone with the technical skills all the details of the healthcare system.

Tips for Jumpstarting a Nurse Informatics Career. Nursing informatics jobs are becoming more abundant. Health informatics is. Program Description. Wright State University-Miami Valley College of Nursing and Health recognizes the dynamic changes in health care and offers a comprehensive concentration for the Administration of Nursing and Health Care Systems.

Top 11 Skills for Becoming a Successful Registered Nurse Registered nurses, who manage the daily schedule of the patients, are the most essential part of the healthcare system. They are the health care contributors, who analyze and help the patients.

Leadership Competencies: Knowledge, Skills, and Aptitudes Nurses Need to Lead Organizations Effectively Diana S. Contino, RN, MBA, CEN, CCRN Diana S. Contino is the owner of Emergency Management Systems, Inc, in Laguna Niguel, Calif, and a consultant with MedAmerica.

The white paper, "Role of the Nursing Professional Development in Helping Meet Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing Recommendations," outlines multiple suggestions on how NPD specialists can support their organizations in meeting the IOM recommendations.

A description of a specialist program in nursing that develops their skills
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